the dolphin therapy programme at the DOLPHINSWIM Institute

Alpha therapy, the dolphin therapy programme at the DOLPHINSWIM Institute

Alpha therapy is a holistic dolphin therapy in which the stimulating effects of dolphins are used therapeutically with the help of scientifically founded methods. In a very broad field of application for mild to severe disabilities as well as mental illness, sustainable improvements and developmental progress can be achieved with this short-term intensive therapy. As a family therapy, Alpha Therapy can lead to the strengthening of resources and a new orientation in constructive cooperation. It can therefore also make a positive contribution to the personal development of individuals and intra-family communication where there is no disability or illness.

How does dolphin therapy work?

Dolphin therapy is an animal-assisted form of therapy that has been used for more than 20 years. At the centre of this form of treatment is the therapeutically accompanied dolphin interaction, which - generally speaking - has a stimulating-harmonising and thus stabilising effect on the human organism and thus favours personal development processes. Already in ancient times, dolphins fascinated people and were considered friends or even worshipped as deities at that time. Although people's interest in dolphins has a long history, it was only by John Lilly in the years around 1950 that the effects of dolphins on the human psyche were discovered and became the subject of research.

At that time, it turned out that dolphin contact increases sensitivity, attention and self-awareness. More recent research shows that dolphins help to perceive basic fears and can significantly reduce them. As was shown in a scientific paper by Ryan de Mares (2000), the effect of dolphin encounters occurs very strongly on the emotional level: "To be completely connected with another being as well as with oneself is the underlying desire of the dolphin encounter. The feelings that arise - intention, eye contact, connectedness, aliveness and harmony - put people in a moment of truthfulness or give them a reference point by which they can measure their personal state of development. This mental state is also known as "flow", where a person focuses all their senses in total surrender to an activity. This is not only an ideal learning state, it is also the state that Sigmund Freud called "equal attention". The psyche is able to release and overcome fears and blockages that lie dormant in the subconscious. Research has shown that in many cases dolphin therapy actually reduced fears and significantly increased self-confidence and motivation to live.

The attitude towards limitations caused by one's own disability or that of a relative can become more constructive through the experience with the dolphins. This means that the dolphin therapy not only has a positive effect on the functionality, but above all strengthens the resources to better cope with one's own life situation. In the case of disabilities that can hardly be changed, the dolphin therapy plays the role of strengthening the joy of life and creating an orientation and outlook for the future, i.e. a "meaningful life" as defined by Viktor E. Frankl. Looking at this in Frankl's "body-psyche-mind" model, this reorientation also leads to a positive contribution to the maintenance of physical health. In this way, dolphin therapy does justice to the holistic approach, the aim of which is to strengthen both body and psyche and to promote a spiritual development of the individual person.

What Do Our Participants Say?

Lucia W.

"Now everyday life has got us back. Joachim has been going to school for a week. When I picked him up today, the teacher asked me what we had done with him. She has seen a completely different child since this school year. Until now he was rather unfocused and inattentive, now she thinks he is a real school child. He no longer shoots the finished worksheets at her but puts them on her desk, he actively participates in the morning circle and is extremely persistent. In the same way, his support worker has pointed out to me before that he is very hard-working, yesterday potatoes were harvested in the special school and Joachim is the one who enjoys the work the longest. In addition, during the last two weeks of the holidays I started not to give him a nappy anymore, but to go to the toilet with him regularly, successes are rewarded with pickles. Apart from two mishaps, we have survived the 3 weeks without any accidents. We even dared a trip to Vienna without a nappy and it worked. He doesn't report going to the toilet on his own (only twice), but I think that is also a process that we will hopefully overcome. I tried this experiment regularly three years before, but Joachim absolutely did not want to go to the loo. Heribert and I are both very proud of him, and so are the siblings. I think we have the dolphin therapy to thank for these successes after all, maybe we'll give it another try after a year's break." Kind regards to the still "hot"

Karin S. from Austria

"Hello Norbert and all those we know by now! When I read the reports and look at the pictures, they are all familiar names and faces. Whoever comes to see you and "your" dolphins once, always comes back - and after 4 therapies we are talking from experience. But when we observe Lydia, what she has achieved and learned since the first time - what her teachers keep telling us about her progress, much, much more than any doctor has ever given our Lydia in terms of development! This gives us the certainty of having done exactly the right thing. You can be sure we will be back again next year! A very big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment!"

Martin, Andrea and family

"I just wanted to say that Martin speaks really well and is getting better and better. Martin has been going to school since Monday and his teacher has also said that he is doing really well. He can now ride a bike without help and he talks a lot. We are really happy, thank you, thank you. All the best and greetings. Thank you!"

.... You can find these and more feedbacks on our Facebook page Dolphinswim AlphaTherapy

DOLPHINSWIM Delphintherapiezentrum in Kemer-Antalya, Türkei

Unser Delphinarium in Kemer nahe Antalya in der Türkei, zeichnet sich durch eine großzügige Beckenanlage (sie übertrifft geltende EU-Normen) und barrierefreie Architektur aus. Das gesamte Therapie- und Coachingprogramm mit Delphinen findet direkt in den Räumlichkeiten des Delphinariums, als auch im Aquapark am Gelände statt. Unsere Therapieinfrastruktur besteht aus 2 Delphinpools mit 6 ausgebildeten Delphinen, 2 modern ausgestatteten Therapieräumen und der multisensorischen Alpha-Sphäre. In unmittelbarer Nachbarschaft zum Therapiezentrum befinden sich eine große Auswahl von preisgünstigsten Pensionen, Ferienappartements, all-inklusive 5 Stern Hotels bis hin zu 6-Stern Luxushotels. 

Optimale Erreichbarkeit – nur 60 min. vom Flughafen Antalya entfernt, Direktflüge aus fast allen europäischen Destinationen, angenehmes Klima mit Badewetter von April bis Dezember und ein herausragenden Preis-Leistungsverhältnis machen Antalya zu einer der besten und beliebtesten Urlaubsdestinationen Europas.

Kemer-Antalya die Perle des Mittelmeers

Die Türkei ist mit mehr als 28 Millionen Gästen im Jahr eines der beliebtesten Reiseziele am Mittelmeer. Das Land zwischen Europa und Asien lockt mit wunderschönen Stränden und hohen Bergen, tausenden antiken Stätten, herzlicher Gastfreundschaft und einem einzigartigen Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Vor allem die Region Antalya ist als Türkische Riviera gleichermaßen bekannt und beliebt, die nicht nur im Sommer tolle Urlaubsmöglichkeiten an schier endlosen Sandstränden bietet. The city was first mentioned in the 2nd century BC as Attalia, a foundation of King Attalos II of Pergamon. Later, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and finally the Ottomans left their mark on the province. Numerous historical buildings bear witness to this, such as the Hadrain Gate from the 2nd century, the Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque from the 16th century, the grooved minaret of the Yivli Minareli Mosque from the 13th century, the Hidrilik Tower at the marina or the old harbour from where you can take boat trips to the surrounding area. 

The grandiose nature of the surrounding area, which opens up a whole range of great excursion possibilities, ensures that your holiday is entertaining. Very attractive are the Kursunlu waterfalls and Lake Nilüfer in the north of Antalya, the Güllük Dagi National Park in the northwest with the ancient city of Termessos, picturesquely situated on a high plateau at an altitude of 1000 metres, and the Güver Gorge, often called the Grand Canyon of the Turkish Riviera.

Our programme

Alpha therapy is a holistic dolphin therapy programme in which the stimulating effects of dolphins are harnessed in a holistic concept to initiate development on a cognitive, psychological, motor and social level.

In an individually tailored therapy combination, not only new things are learned, but also "blockages" are released. Essential components of the accompanying treatment concept are, in addition to dolphin therapy, singing bowl treatments, manual applications and neuromuscular vibration training with the Galileo device. Complementary therapy and relaxation units in our Alpha-Sphere not only serve to relax and harmonise the therapy participants, but are also open to parents.

For whom is dolphin therapy suitable?

Our dolphin therapy is aimed at all people who want to develop their potential. We treat people of all ages with a wide variety of disabilities and/or psychological impairments. As a family therapy, alpha therapy can lead to the strengthening of resources and a new orientation in constructive togetherness. But it can also offer a positive contribution to life orientation where there is no impairment or illness.

In an individually tailored therapy combination, not only new things are learned, but also "blockages" are released. Essential components of the accompanying treatment concept are, in addition to dolphin therapy, singing bowl treatments, manual applications and neuromuscular vibration training with the Galileo device. Complementary therapy and relaxation units in our Alpha-Sphere not only serve to relax and harmonise the therapy participants, but are also open to parents.

We have already successfully treated the following diseases and forms of disability:


Cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome, developmental disorders, attention and hyperactivity disorders, autoagression syndrome, partial performance disorders, Angelmann syndrome, Rett syndrome, to name but a few.

Delfintherapie als psychologische Intervention

for depression, burn-out and post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and eating disorder

complementary medicine intervention

As a complementary medical intervention for psychological strengthening in cancer diseases in addition to pharmacological therapy.

Dolphin therapy for resource strengthening and life orientation:

Read more about this programme in the "Dolphin Swim" section.

Services, prices and registration

Services per therapy day

  • 30 min. dolphin therapy (parents and siblings can be included if desired)
  • 30 min. individual support in the therapy room, Alpha-Sphere, Galileo or Aquapark
  • Talks with parents according to individual wishes
  • Sessions in the Alpha Sphere for relatives
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dolphinswim T-Shirt
  • Admission to the dolphin show


Wir haben das ganze Jahr über geöffnet. Die Monate April-November sind klimatisch am besten geeignet. Gerne erstellen wir für Sie ein individuelles Therapieprogramm je nach Therapiebedarf und Budget. Es werden für eine Delfintherapie mindestens 5 Therapietage empfohlen.


We are open all year round. Our standard packages include the 1-day trial therapy and packages of 5,6,10,11 and 12 days.

High season

Palm Sunday.-1. week of November
350 Per therapy day

Winter season Antalya

1st week in November until Palm Sunday
290 Per therapy day

Additional swims for accompanying persons with the dolphins or one-hour dolphin therapy sessions can also be booked over and above the standard package. Prices on request.

Travel packages and additional services

Profitieren Sie von unseren Reisebüroleistungen und buchen Sie Therapie und Reisepaket bequem aus einer Hand. Es stehen eine grosse Anzahl von preisgünstigen 3-5 Stern Hotels oder kostengünstige Ferienwohnungen in der Nähe des Therapiezentrums zur Verfügung. Gerne beraten wir Sie auf ein passendes Reisearrangement.

  • Auf Wunsch organisieren wir für Sie eine 12 Stunden Pflegebetreuung für den Zeitraum Ihres Aufenthaltes in Antalya. Preis auf Anfrage.
  • Gerne können wir in Antalya auch Transfers im Krankenwagen mit Pfleger vom Flughafen zum Hotel, als auch täglich zum Delphinarium für Sie bereitstellen. Preis auf Anfrage.


Simply send us your enquiry using the contact form or get in touch with us by phone. We will be happy to advise you and send you our brochure free of charge. Once your child's suitability for therapy and the availability of your desired date for therapy and travel arrangements have been clarified, the booking can be made. To do this, use the online booking form. You will receive confirmation of registration and an invoice from us. With the down payment of 20% of the travel and therapy price (will be deducted from the total price), your therapy place is firmly reserved.

Alpha Therapy Registration Form

Before you complete the registration for dolphin therapy here, please contact us regarding the availability of your desired date. Please note when filling in: fields marked with * are mandatory, otherwise only fill in applicable fields.

Therapy participant

Therapy applicant

Data of all other persons travelling with you:

Address data of the applicant

Information about the therapy participant:

Your travel dates (if already known)

Wheelchair transport

Please note that before handing in the wheelchair at the airport, the batteries must either be disconnected, isolated or removed, depending on the airline.

Wheelchair dimensions

Escort service at the airport

You have the option of free assistance (escort service) at the airports, who will help you on the long routes through the airport or assist you when boarding/ disembarking the aircraft.
Registration of aids and additional medical baggage.
If the free baggage allowance of your airline is not sufficient, there is the possibility to register medical aids with a medical certificate as additional hand baggage/check-in baggage free of charge. The medical certificate must be obtained 8 weeks before arrival. This includes, for example, medical equipment, medication, nursing articles (including nappies), special food, orthoses etc.. For this purpose, the airline requires detailed information about the extra baggage item(s) such as dimensions of the extra travel bag/s, weight and contents.
Additional medical baggage 1:
Additional medical baggage 2:
Additional medical baggage 3:


Consent forms

Consents required for participation:
Optional consents:

After sending this form you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt. The registration confirmation and invoice will be sent by email from our office within 2 working days. With the payment of the registration fee of 20% of the invoice amount, your place is firmly reserved. The balance must be paid 6 weeks before the start of therapy. More details on the invoice. The exact therapy times will be sent to you by email 3 days before the therapy starts.