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Europe's leading full-service provider of dolphin therapy and dolphin experience tours

The Institute and the Travel Agency

Dolphinswim Institute and Travel Agency is Europe's leading full-service provider in the field of dolphin therapy and dolphin adventure travel. The interplay of know-how in dolphin therapy, which is also based on years of therapy practice, scientific activity and teaching, is complemented by the fact that we are also a travel agency for barrier-free travel. Our customers benefit from being offered the complete service of therapy and travel with experience and competence from one source.

DOLPHINSWIM has developed into one of the largest and most successful dolphin therapy centres in Europe in recent years. From the very beginning, the therapy institute and the dolphinarium shared the philosophy of making the most sophisticated dolphin therapy in terms of method, quality and service accessible to as many people as possible through an affordable price. This form of therapy should no longer be reserved for a few, but should be widely used and also be repeatable. This is not only in line with our attitude, but also with the fact that dolphin therapy should not only be used once, but preferably as a developmental therapy. The many, many regulars who return to us at regular intervals over the last few years confirm our approach. Alpha therapy is a well-balanced combination of therapy and family adventure holidays, where all family members should feel that their needs are taken into account in the balance of activity and relaxation.

Podcast Dolphinswim Institute

A Nikola Radin way podcast with guests Robert Gojceta from Attica Park Dolfinarium in Greece and Norbert Trompisch from Dolphinswim Institute. In the podcast, the guests talk about how they came to work with dolphins professionally and about their passion for their jobs. Robert Gojceta also talks about ethical issues in dolphin keeping and Norbert Trompisch explains the basics of dolphin therapy and for whom it is suitable and can be used.

Dolphin swimming

A very special experience to see dolphins up close - all year round in Antalya! Swim with dolphins and be inspired.
Dolphin swimming

Dolphin therapy in Turkey

Learn more about holistic dolphin therapy for people with disabilities, psychosomatic and mental illnesses.
Dolphin therapy


Institute's own research and contributions from the scientific community on the subject of dolphin therapy.