Dolphin swimming, a special experience

Swimming with dolphins

"The deep eye contact of the dolphin in the encounter, the feeling of connection, aliveness and harmony - put us in a moment of truthfulness and give a clue to where we are in life right now and where we still want to go..."

Since ancient times, dolphins have fascinated people, were considered friends or even worshipped as deities. Dolphins cast a spell on us, they whisk us away into their world and enable us to get to know ourselves better in a playful and creative way. The encounters with our dolphins are authentic, pleasurable and intense. Dolphin swims at DOLPHINSWIM can be for 1, 5,6,10 or more days depending on location and season. Our offers are aimed at those who are looking for the nature experience with dolphins as well as people who want to use the encounter with dolphins for their personal development.

Dolphins as a motor in personality development

The programme is designed to get to know the dolphins, to let them have an effect on us in order to get to know ourselves better in the process. The effect of the dolphins on people is very complex: they evoke euphoria and a love of life, they create a feeling of inner peace, connection and contentment. The experience with the dolphins is very personal, because they relate as intelligent social partners. The ultrasound they emit for orientation under water stimulates the human brain, making them a very special developmental companion for humans. In our dolphin personality development seminars we refer to these special abilities of the dolphins and offer the possibility to use them specifically for personal development projects. They are suitable for all age groups.

Swimming with dolphins in Kemer - our program.


  • 30min. Dolphin swim accompanied by a professional instructor. 1 dolphin per person.
  • Preparation, neoprene rental and accompaniment
  • Admission to the dolphin show/dolphin training
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dolphinswim T-Shirt (from 5 day package)

Summer season

350 30 minutes

Winter season

290 30 minutes

1 hour dolphin swim

All year round
590 1 dolphin per person

Book either dolphin swimming only or in combination with a matching travel arrangement. There are a large number of reasonably priced 3-5 star hotels available in the vicinity of our dolphin centers. We will be happy to make you an offer!


Simply send us your enquiry via the contact form or get in touch with us by phone. Once the availability of your desired date for the dolphin swim and your travel arrangement has been clarified, the booking can be made. To do this, use the online booking. You will receive the registration confirmation and invoice from us by email.

Dolphin and Whale Experience Azores

The Azores are a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the best places in the world to see dolphins and whales in the wild. The resident sperm whale can be seen here all year round, as well as various species of dolphins, turtles and seabirds. It iis one of the very few destinations where swimming with wild dolphins, i.e. observation with snorkel and diving goggles from the water, is possible. March to June is the whale season with blue and fin whales passing through, the dolphin season extends from May to October, with temperatures always around a pleasant 25 degrees during this time. In addition to dolphin and whale watching, the Azores offer plenty of nature-based recreation and adventure opportunities, such as a visit to the volcanic lake or hot springs.

Together with a renowned provider on Sao Miguel, we offer individualised dolphin and whale adventure trips to the Azores all year round. Sao Miguel can be reached by direct flight from Munich or Düsseldorf within a few hours (bookable from all European airports via Lisbon), so the experience on the Azores can be easily accommodated in a week. For you as a traveller, it is possible to determine the number of days for swimming with dolphins and whale watching according to your interests when booking. The additional activities are also configurable.

For a one-week stay, we recommend 5 half days at sea and 1 day for land activities such as visiting the volcanic lake "Furnas" and the hot springs.

Price: Flights from Germany, transfers, hotel Talisman**** with half board, 5 excursions at sea (whale watching or dolphin experience), 1 land excursion to volcanic lake and hot springs.

Write to us today or give us a call. We will be happy to make you an individualised and non-binding offer for your desired date.

DolphinCoaching - personal growth included

Dolphins represent the central management competencies of the future. They act and react quickly, think comprehensively synthetically and act in a playful, solution-oriented way. They are experts in the pursuit of common goals: "Dolphinic action" is always team-oriented and characterised by effortlessness - effortless action.

Dolphins fascinate us humans. In every encounter. With every touch. With humour and wit, they are able to hold up a mirror to us and thus bring us further step by step in our individual development.

In addition, dolphins have a unique sensory organ: the SONAR. Neurological studies prove that these high-frequency sound waves are partly responsible for the stimulating effects of dolphin interactions. New worlds of experience open up with ease, through which the animal accompanies us as a "personal coach". With the help of reflective video coaching, executives can develop essential personal competencies together with the experienced dolphin coach for mastering their professional challenges and thus create creative and novel company-specific and personal solutions to problems. Our basic formats:

Top Personal DolphinCoaching

Target group: top managers and all persons in exposed professional positions, number of participants: 1-3, format: individual coaching

  • Maximum care with minimum time budget (2-5 days)
  • Personal support by Norbert Trompisch, M.D.
  • Flexible scheduling


Team DolphinCoaching

Target group: Department/work and project teams (development teams, creative teams, ensembles, teams)

Number of participants: 12-24 persons (3 persons at the same time in the dolphin pool), time budget 3-5 days, format: group coaching

Let us create your personal offer today! 

What Do Our Participants Say?

Andreja Jernejcic

member of the board, Infonet Media

"Meeting the whales had always been a dream of mine. I enjoyed this pleasant, but also challenging experience. If your reactions are not most suitable in a certain moment, the whales react immediately. This experience prepares you for fast reactions and proactive social behaviour in your real life. Shortly, it was unforgettable and really special event for me."

Andrej Vizjak

partner, A.T. Kearney

"I have noticed recently that the dolphins and whales really sensitively react to what is going on. In the process of DolphinCoaching it has become clear to me how this relates to my private and professional life. A really worth having experience!"

Prof. Dr Thomas Slunecko

University Vienna

"Dolphins have remarkable capacities to adapt their social behaviour in relation to given situations and the personalities of people they are interacting with. These interactions can be seen as a developmental sphere in which the humans psychomotor and psychological system is challenged to reconfigure. Patterns which have been established under the condition of gravity within the human sphere are restructuring in a playful way. In that way DolphinCoaching differs fundamentally from animal assisted coachings on land."

.... You can find these and more feedbacks on our Facebook page Dolphinswim AlphaTherapy


Dolphin Swimming Booking

The programme "Swimming with Dolphins" is offered in 2 package variants. Either book the trip yourself (local travel agency/internet), or in combination with our holiday flat. We are happy to help you choose the right hotels near our dolphin centre.

Booking process

Please contact us via contact form, email or telephone (hotlines see below) so that we can confirm the availability of your desired date. The booking is then made by entering your data in the form. You will then receive a booking confirmation and invoice from us. Once you have paid the registration fee of EUR 500, your place is firmly reserved. The remaining amount is due 2 weeks before arrival.

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Consent forms

After submitting, you will receive an automated confirmation from Dolphinswim. The registration confirmation and invoice will follow within 2 working days by email. With the payment of the registration fee of 20% of the tour price your place is firmly reserved. The balance is to be paid 3 weeks before arrival at our dolphin centre. You will receive more details on the invoice. The exact swimming times will be sent to you by email 3 days before departure.