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Dream job dolphin therapist?

In 2007, our institute started its professional training programme in the field of dolphin therapy. Since then, the dream of a professional career working with dolphins has come true for many graduates who have chosen to enter this fascinating world through one of our training programmes. We are very proud of the fact that our training programme is always at the cutting edge of science due to the close academic connection to universities and therefore enjoys much international recognition. The didactics of our training always follows the principle of concise theory transfer in combination with practical learning experiences and reflection with experienced trainers. Following the current trend, the theory seminar is now offered as a webinar and can be attended comfortably from home or anywhere in the world. In the 4-week practical module, one acquires the qualification in direct contact with the dolphins and clients and thus becomes part of diverse and lively learning processes.

Dolphin therapist training course

"The therapeutic and psychological-scientific further training to qualify as an animal-assisted specialist/educator/therapist in dolphin therapy."

Head of training: Norbert Trompisch, M.A.

The focus of this course, which has been offered since 2006, is on teaching the theory and practice of animal-assisted therapy - with an emphasis on the therapeutic approach of alpha therapy (dolphin therapy). On the basis of existing therapeutic/pedagogical basic knowledge, this further training course imparts special knowledge and skills that qualify for work in animal-assisted therapy, especially dolphin therapy. The various animal-assisted therapy methods in their history of development and current form, the ethics in the therapeutic use of animals and the animal protection issue, zoological basics (especially of marine mammals), the scientific foundations and different dolphin therapy approaches in connection with their underlying therapeutic schools and human images are presented and discussed. In the supervised practice module, the trainees are introduced to the animal-assisted therapy method in the therapy operation at the dolphin centre and trained to become professional animal-assisted therapists/educators in dolphin therapy.

The training consists of a theory part, which can be completed as a distance learning course with 40LE by individual appointment, and a 4-week practical training in our dolphin therapy centre in Antalya/Turkey. The contents of the theory seminar include the zoological basics about dolphins, the history of animal-assisted therapies and dolphin therapy, relevant therapeutic and educational concepts, dolphin therapy research and much more. In the practical module, the trainees are gradually introduced to the practical qualification by professional dolphin therapists in real client contact. The practical training can also be completed in 2 two-week parts.

Career opportunities in dolphin therapy

The more than 20 dolphin therapy institutes worldwide are constantly looking for dolphin therapists. Suitable professionals with reliable qualifications are still very rare at the moment, which increases your chances of finding a job. Our institute in Antalya offers graduates of the course the opportunity to work independently with their own clients. With our experience, regular internal events, internal networking, knowledge base and appointment coordination, we support our graduates in setting up and maintaining their own client structure after the training.

Target group of the training

  • People in training or with completed vocational training in a relevant professional field: psychotherapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, early childhood and after-school teachers, nurses, carers for the disabled, nursery school teachers and assistants, shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapists, kinesologists...
  • People with/under studies in a psychological, educational, social or medical subject.
  • Individuals with significant practical experience relevant to working as a dolphin therapist.
  • Dolphin trainers

Training languages: German and English

Dates and costs

Theory distance seminar: Dates for the module can be arranged throughout the year. The module is designed to be completed within 1 month, with the personal reflection meeting 1 time per week. We try to schedule the dates for the module so that several students can attend at the same time and exchange with each other.

Practical module: Participation in the theory webinar is a prerequisite. The date for the 4-week practical training at the Dolphin Therapy Centre will be arranged individually. Accommodation is included in this price.

Seminar fees: EUR 840 before the theory distance seminar, and EUR 1660 before the practical training. Participants do not have to commit to the whole course from the outset. The modules are booked individually and build up.

The application for the course is done by email. Please send us your CV and picture to After a positive response, you can book the course via this website.

Dolphin Therapy Basic Seminar

You want to inform yourself in detail about dolphin therapy? Do you need sound specialist knowledge about dolphin therapy for your studies or profession? Then the dolphin therapy basic seminar is exactly the right thing for you!

The dolphin therapy basic seminar takes place as a distance learning webinar. The teaching content is conveyed in video presentations and accompanying seminar documents. The seminar consists of 4 chapters, with a discussion with the seminar leader via phone/Skype/whatsapp or zoom at the end of each chapter for reflection and consolidation of the teaching content. Any questions that have arisen on the topics of the chapter can be dealt with there. The videos are provided with a personal link, any end device that can play youtube is suitable for playing the videos. The videos are in English, although machine-generated subtitles in German or any other language can be inserted.

In the course, the animal-assisted therapy methods in their history of origin and present form, questions of ethics, zoological basics about the dolphins, their habitats and species preservation, the scientific basics and different dolphin therapy approaches are presented and discussed in connection with their underlying therapeutic schools and concepts of man. The course comprises approx. 40 LE and can be comfortably completed within one month.

As an option to the theory seminar, we invite our participants to our dolphin therapy centre in Antalya to get to know the operation in one week. This can also be combined with a dolphin experience of your own, which is optional and bookable with an extra charge.

Participation in the seminar also qualifies you to become a DOLPHINSWIM networker.

As a networker, you will represent our institute in an international network in the sales field in an independent capacity. Prerequisites are a love of dolphin therapy and sales, ideally previous experience in the field of rehabilitation counselling. The job is also suitable as a sideline. We offer you profound knowledge in dolphin therapy, complete presentation and tools, everything you need for sales. Shared knowledge base and training events.

There are no entry requirements for participation in the dolphin therapy theory course.

Seminar fee: EUR 840,- incl. VAT.

If you want to work as a dolphin therapist, we recommend our dolphin therapy training course, consisting of theory and practice.

You can find more information about this here:


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