Dolphin therapy as an intervention

Dolphin therapy for trauma and burn-out

It is far less known that people who have experienced burn-out or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder in particular can benefit from a specific dolphin intervention. The path of treatment here leads via harmonisation of the nervous systems to a gradual process of normalisation of psychological and emotional self-regulation.

Our therapy approach is based on the method of Peter Levine, which places great emphasis on the development of supportive resources that can support a gentle processing of traumatic contents or life circumstances that have led to trauma or burn-out. A dialogue takes place between the personal resources and the traumatic stress. The body is included in the treatment because the trauma has not only a psychological but also a physical component. Emotional triggers are rewritten and thus defused by linking them to a positive emotional state with the dolphin. As a highly developed social being, the dolphin is able to respond very specifically and individually to the emotional reactions that arise in the interaction. It radiates calmness, and eye contact in particular is a medium through which participants often experience a feeling of closeness and connection. This in turn leads to more connection with oneself and a process of "getting in touch" with oneself. The dolphin, together with the therapist, is able to sensitively moderate and channel out any crises or fear reactions that may arise. The effect is intensified by the dolphin's ultrasound, which can stimulate the nervous system. Last but not least, the therapy situation in the water should be mentioned, which challenges the participant's psychological system to throw all (on land) rehearsed patterns overboard and reconfigure itself in a floating way, freed from the conditions of gravity.

The Dolphin - Trauma and Burnout - Therapy can be completed in a one-week (5 therapy units) or two-week format with 10 Dolphin units of 30 min. each. The intervention is conducted by an experienced

dolphin therapist/coach and dolphin trainer. In therapeutic discussions, each dolphin session is reflected upon and the emotional processes are classified. Complementary relaxation offersand body therapies are used in a supportive manner as required by the individual course of the therapy.

The offer includes singing bowl treatments and lying on the alpha couch.

Prices: see dolphin therapy Registration info.

For detailed information on our unique animal-assisted trauma therapy concept, please see the scientific paper in our homepage section.

Dolphin therapy for eating disorders

This dolphin therapy programme is aimed at all people suffering from a psychological eating disorder. The offer is not an independent healing programme / healing procedure, but is understood as a complementary intensive measure to a longer-term therapy. Alpha therapy can also be an introduction to psychotherapeutic treatment of an eating disorder. We cooperate with therapists in private practice, clinics and outpatient departments - and are happy to enter into further cooperations where desired.

A comprehensive therapy concept:
Alpha therapy for eating disorders is a holistic form of therapy. The goal is to achieve sustainablehe constructive processes of change. In therapy, harmonising effects of dolphin encounters are used therapeutically with the help of well-founded psychological methods - above all the alpha state.
Alpha therapy represents a synergy of western and eastern therapeutic approaches that operate on a cognitive, psychological, motor, social and energetic level. It supports the activation of one's own resources and offers the possibility of transforming destructive behaviour patterns into completely new, constructive life concepts.

Dolphin therapy for cancer

Cancer is a disease that about 1/3 of all people face in the course of their lives. Coping with cancer is a very complex and chronic process that can be life-long under certain circumstances. In addition to the classic target groups of dolphin therapy in the field of intellectual and physical disabilities, people with cancer are now also being treated with the help of dolphins in a complementary way, with increasing evidence of great potential as a supportive cancer treatment.

It can have its effect here in two ways. On the one hand, it offers a key experience that allows the person affected to realign themselves, and on the other hand, the dolphins induce a psychological and neurological harmonisation effect in the person, which stimulates the immune system through the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The experience with the dolphins helps patients to no longer define themselves so much by the illness, but to get back into the here and now and thus to draw new motivation for life, to discover the ability to shape their suffering and to find a new meaning to life "despite" the suffering.

Just like various therapeutic schools in classical psycho-oncology, Delphin-assisted psycho-oncology plays a supporting role, which is not only suitable for the supportive treatment of cancer, but can also make a decisive contribution to the relapse prevention of cancer survivors.