DelphinCoaching – personal growth included

Dolphins represent central management skills of the future. They act and react fast, think holistically synthetic and perform playful solution-orientated. They are experts on pursuing common objectives: “dolphinaction” is always team orientated and characterized by effortless action. Dolphins fascinate humans. At each encounter. With every touch. With a tremendous sense of humor they are capable to mirror us. Step by step they facilitate this way our individual development. Dolphins have an unique visual sense using ultrasound. Scientific investigations indicate that these frequencies have a stimulating effect on the human brain. Thus new realms of selfexperience become available throughout dolphins lead us as “personal coaches”. With the means of video-based reflections participants have the opportunity to adjust the inner and outer perception and develop profound personal competences facilitated by a professional dolphin coach. This way creative, yet unique entrepreneurial and personal solutions can be created.

“DelphinCoaching” utilizes the effects of dolphin interactions within a coaching process for individual growth enterprises. The professionally supervised experience with our unique marine mammals lead to sustainable, authenthic and efficient personal and professional solutions for those who carry responsibility in their lives. On the basis of our DelphinCoaching formats: Top Personal DelphinCoaching, Pro Business DelphinCoaching, Team DelphinCoaching and Potentials DelphinCoaching we offer individual programs tailored according to the costumers demand.

Top Personal DelphinCoaching

Targetgroup: Top-Managers and people in exposed professional positions

Number of participants: max. 3, One-on-one coaching

  • Maximal service at minimal time budget
  • Personal assistance by Norbert Trompisch
  • Highly flexible schedule

Team DelphinCoaching

Targetgroup: Departments/work- and projectteams (developerteams, creative teams, ensembles and sportteams)

Number of participants: 12-24, group-coaching

We are pleased to organize the optimal travel arrangement outgoing from any destination using regular packages, customized packages using regular flights or even private jets. More details on your inquiry!

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