Swimming with dolphins in DOLPHINSWIM Institute

„Connecting with another being and ultimately being fully connected within oneself is the special quality of the cetacean-triggered experience. The feelings that are part of this process – intention, eye contact, connectedness, aliveness, and harmony – provide the human with validation and a benchmark against which personal growth can be measured…“ states researcher Ryan DeMares on dolphin-triggered peak experiences.

Dolphins attract us, they invite us into their world and provide us with the opportunity of discovering ourselves deeply in a creative-playful way.

The encounter with our dolphins at DolphinLand is authentic, joyful and intense. Selectable combinations with additional coaching sessions, as well as specific workshops provide with well directed dolphin-initiated personal growth and lead us to a new orientation in life.

Since ancient times already dolphins are fascinating humans and have been seen as friends or even warshipped as gods. The term “dolphin” originates from ancient greece where dolphins were called “delphins” or “delphinos”. Practically on all continents dolphins played a mythological role, also Australian Auborigenes mention them in the “dreamtime”. The effect of dolphins on humans is multiple: Almost anyone associates positively to them, they stand for grace, intelligence, velocity, vitality and sexuality. Their presence often envokes euphoria and lust for life, they create a feeling inner peace, connectedness and satisfaction. They are fearless at the contact to humans and relate as intelligent social partners. The ultrasound which dolphins use for orientation and communication stimulates the human brain and gives them a special qualification as promoter for personal growth. Our swim with a dolphin program is aimed to provide with the opportunity to relate to this special animals and gain through this experience on a personal level. The program is suitable for all age groups.

Reservations on our swim with a dolphin program can be made for 1 (during peak season always on Sundays or Mondays), 5,6,10 (within 2 weeks) or more days. We are pleased to serve our clients with the most specific demands and develop an individual program where the phantasy doesn´t know any limits.

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