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General terms of business at DOLPHINSWIM Institute

Before booking one of our programs you should take your time to read these lines, because they become part of the participation contract you are concluding at participation. The terms of business regulate the procedure of booking, payments and liability. The services of each program can always be obtained from the latest broshures or the website

Conclusion of the participation contract

1.1 By conveying the completed application form to us you offer the conclusion of the participation contract at respectively current conditions published at our current broshure or our website. The contract concludes by our acception in Vienna, Austria. The registration for our programs is carried out through the application form, by filling out, signing and submitting by postal or email. If the participant suites the program we inform the costumer about our acception by sending an application confirmation and the invoice. With a initial payment of 20% of the therapy price (will be deducted from course cost) the contract is concluded and the space ensured. The particpant furthermore conveys recent psycholgical or medical reports if available, respectively a statement of a physician, which confirms the physical ability for participation at the program (this is obligatory). Please notify us if you haven´t recieved any confirmation from us until 10 days prior departure. In this case we will send all documents again, subject to the condition that all payments have arrived.


2.1. The initial payment of 20% of the therapy costs is due 1 week after booking (will be deducted from course cost). If you sign for a cancellation insurance the insurance premium is due at application too. The final payment is due 21 days prior first day of the program and has to be undertaken without further notification.

2.2. If we cannot confirm your application, we will return your payments immediately.

2.3. If the payment is not completed at the first day of therapy we are eligible to cancel the participation contract and charge the eventual damage according to our cancellation fees.

2.4. The costumer carries half of the banking fees.

Services and prices

3.1. The volume of the services as a part of the program and the concluded contract are announced in our broshures and on our website which are obliging, as well as the (safety) instructions in the appendix of the application form.

3.2. The program starts and ends as published on our website. Please notify to book your travel arrangements within an arrival date at least one day prior this date as well as your returning flight at least one day after the program ends.

Alternation in prices and services

4.1. We are legitimated to alternation of service without price reduction, if the alternation is minor and factual justified. The therapists have the right to cancel therapy sessions if the participant is not able to participate (physical condition, overtstraining of the client) or the weather conditions prevent the water session (thunderstorm).

4.2. Alternations and deviations of each services of the program, which have become part of the participation contract, which might have become necessary, are only then permitted, if they are minor and not substantial to the quality and volume of the whole program. The defects liability stays untouched, if the alternative services show defects.

Cancellation, change of reservation, replacement

5.1. If you step back from the contract without accordant causes or no show at the booked date (because of missed flights e.g.) we can charge adequate refund for our arrangements and expenses. At calculation of the expenses we usually account saved  expenses or those we could use in some other way.

5.2. The ammount of the cancellation fees are calculated on the price of the program. Cancellation fees, as we have to charge from each participant who steps back from participation, we have to calculate according to the following scheme:

  •  up to 30 days prior first day of the program 15% of the full price,
  • from the 29th to the 20th day 25%,
  • from the 19th to the 10th day 50%,
  • from the 9th to the 4th day 65%,
  • from the 3rd day (72 hours) prior the beginning of the program 85% of the therapy price.

5.3. In case of a replacement by the customer, we are allowed to refuse the replacement if this person doesn´t suit the program, or other legal regulations stand against it.

Cancellation by DOLPHINSWIM

6.1. Dolphinswim is allowed to cancel the therapy. In case of cancellation the liability of Dolphinswim is limited to the settled payments at the time cancellation and eventual cancellation fees resulting from canceling flights and accomodations of the costumer. Other damages whatsoever cannot be demanded.

Act of nature beyond control

7.1. If the program is unexpectedly hindered or threatened by the act of nature beyond control  in a major way the partners of the participation contract can cancel this contract.

Defect liability

8.1. If the program is diverting or not provided according to the contract, you can demand correction within adequate time. We are allowed to provide with a adequate or higher service to compensate the diversion. We can also refuse a certain alternative service if it requires an inadequate or exaggerated effort for Dolphinswim. After the program you can assert refund if the service was defective and you haven´t missed on pointing out the defect on the spot. In the case that a program has a major defect, and we don´t provide with adequate solutions within adequate time, or setting a deadline is inapropriate because there is no correction possible, or the cancellation of the contract is legimitated by a factual cause of the costumer, then you can cancel the program in written form (in your own interest) at the spot.

8.2. At eventually occuring impairments of services you are obligated to support the correction of defaults, according to legal standards, and to keep the damage as low as possible.

8.3. We cannot take responsibility  loss or damage of valuables or money during the program in case of ordinary negligence.


9.1. The attendance of our programs happens at your own responsibility and risk. In this relation the participant commits himself to procure a travel health insurance.

9.2. Technical installations in outside Europe are not always meeting European standards. Please adhere instructions if necessary.

General regulations

10.1. All details on our programs as published in our publications are subject to legal provisions. Details in our printed publications refer to the time of printing.

10.2. With the publication of a new broshure, all previous broshures lose their validity as well as the prices and services of programs that carried the same name. You can always obtain the actual program from our website

10.3. If parts of this terms of business lose their validity, all other paragraphs stay untouched and in power.

10.4. You agree that we might record your sessions on video/photo for scientific and educational purposes.

10.5. You agree to contract a travel health insurance for the country the program takes place.


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