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Dolphinswim-Institute: More than 20 years of dolphin therapy

Norbert Trompisch, the founder of DOLPHINSWIM Institute started the innovative dolphin assisted therapy program „Alpha-Therapy“ in Egypt and Israel  in the year 2000. Four years later his program moved to Crimea, Russia and 2009 to the current location at DolphinLand in Antalya, Turkey. The development and scientific foundation of „Alpha-Therapy“ was facilitated and mentored by Dr. Christel Manske (Institute for the development of functional brains systems, Hamburg), Dr. Horace Dobbs (Scientist, author and pioneer of dolphin science and dolphin assisted therapy from U.K.), Dr. Ludmilla Lukina (Russian dolphin assisted therapy pioneer and scientist) and Prof. Thomas Slunecko (Scholar of perceptional psychology and cultural psychology at the University of Vienna). He contributed significant inputs and contributions to the concept and supervised the first scientific evaluation on the effectiveness of Alpha-Therapy in 2005.

Norbert Trompisch has been supervising several scientific projects since then mainly dissertations or masters theseses in the scope of dolphin assisted therapy. More details about that in the science folder of the website. Norbert Trompisch is also the founder of the first dolphin assisted therapy professional course, a postgraduate training program for therapists and pedagogues. Since 2012 he has been lecturer for dolphin assisted therapy in the master program of animal assisted therapy at the University of Barcelona.


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