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Dolphin welfare matters to us.

As a dolphin research and therapy institute, we carry an enormous responsibility for the animals we work with. Keeping dolphins and other kinds of whales in human care is a great challenge, which must be met constructively by the deep commitment of our trainers and live up to research standards. We understand that our task is to guarantee the best living conditions of our animals living at DOLPHIN LAND, Antalya. We see ourselves as dolphin-ambassadors: In all our therapy, educational and seminar programs we put a strong emphasis on marine environmental education of the public. Our approach is resource and relationship orientated, because: “We only protect what we love, and we love only what we know!” DOLPHINSWIM operates strictly according to EU-Standards, as well as our partner DOLPHIN LAND. The facility exceeds EU- requirements for dolphinariums in many ways. We are monitoring the adherence daily. In contrast to our competitors we dedicate strongly ourselves into research, especially in the fields of dolphin therapy effectiveness and dolphin conservation. Various research projects have been carried out in cooperation with national and international research institutes and universities within the last years. This ensures that our programs are always at the latest standard of research and that your experience with our dolphins isn´t at the cost of the participating animals. Only happy and healthy dolphins can facilitate our clients!

Europe's leading institute for dolphin assisted therapy (dolphin therapy), swimming with dolphins, dolphintherapist education,
dolphin assisted manager coaching and dolphin research in Antalya, Turkey.
Hotlines: Deutschland: +49 2443 9629844 Österreich: +43 676 3063857 Schweiz: +41 44 585 17 25 United Kingdom: +44 203 286 4605 Россия:+7908 292 28 27 Ireland: +353 87 4615850 Danmark: +45 51350033

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