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Alpha-Therapy, the scientifically based dolphin therapy

Alpha therapy is a holistic dolphin therapy program which utilizes the stimulating effects of the dolphins in a unique treatment complex to promote development on the cognitive, mental, motorical and social and plane.  It aims to help people with special needs, mental or chronic diseases and incorporates the whole family in the treatment process.

In the course of Alpha-Therapy new things are learned and blockages are dissolved. Part of the accompanying treatment plan are e.g. the Tibetian singing bowl massage, manual therapy and neuromuscular vibration training on the Galileo trainer. Therapy- and relaxation sessions in our unique Alpha-Sphere are integral parts of the Alpha-Therapy setting and are available not only to the therapy clients but also the accompanying parents.

Alpha-Therapy is a combination of therapy retreat and regeneration for the whole family. It is not only directed towards people with special needs, but can be a beneficial experience for everyone seeking inspiration from dolphins, respectively strengthens the bonds and resources in the course of a family experience.



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