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Dear Mr. Trompisch!

We didn´t contact you until now. To begin with I had the feeling that the therapy didn´d change anything for Joachim. He learned to swim in these two weeks in Antalya, but he probably would have also learned this on a regular holiday if when we had spent so much time with him. Additionally I must say that after several therapies I have become quite a doubtful person, because from most therapies that we have experienced so far the therapy-companies gained more than we did.

Now we are back to every day life. For one week Joachim is attending school again. When I picked him up today, his teacher asked me, what we have done with him. Since this schoolyear he has been completely changed. Until this year he was completely unconcentrated and unattentive, and now she said, he has become a real schoolchild. He doesn´t throw finished workforms after her anymore, instead he puts them properly on the desk. He participates actively in the morning circle with remarkable endurance. Also his special needs teacher, who supports him additionally, indicated that he has become so dilligent. Yesterday they were harvesting potatoes at the school and he stays joyfully with the task the longest. The last two weeks before school (right after therapy) I stopped to give him diapers. Instead I accompanied him regulary to the toilet. Successes have been benefitted by stickers. Except 2 accidents, he did perfectly on that. We even went on a daytrip to Vienna and it worked. He doesn´t indicate his need to go to the toilet himself yet (just twice he did), but I think that´s only a matter of the next process when he will start to do that. I have tried this experiment the last 3 years, but Joachim refused to go to the toilet categorically until now. My husband and my son Joachim´s sisters are all very proud of him. I think this progress is a result of Dolphin Assisted therapy. Eventually we will try again after one year.

Best regards, Lucia. W.


I just wanted to say that Martin really speaks well and improves continuously. Since Monday he attends school and also his teacher said that he is in good shape. He started to ride the bicycle without help and he speaks very much. We are really happy – thank you!

Lots of lovely greetings, Martin, Andrea and family


Dear Norbert and all who know us in the meantime!

When I read these reports and look at the pictures… all familiar names and faces. Who has come to you and your dolphins, comes again – and we speak after 4 therapies from experience. But if we observe Lydia, what she has achived since the first time and what she had learned – what her teachers report from her development over and over again, it is much, much more than any physician has ever predicted for her. That ensures us, that coming to you was the right choice. You can be sure, we come next year again. A big, big thank you for your commitment!

Karin S. from Austria

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