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Dolphin Assisted Therapy Training Course

This therapeutic and psychological-scientific training course certifies professionals with the qualification „Dolphintherapist“.

Education principal: Mag. Norbert Trompisch

The DAT training course is a time effective education that provides with a profound base qualification as a DAT professional – by professionals. Participants gain at successful accomplishment of the course a certificate as certified dolphintherapists. It contains a theoretical and supervised practical module. The theory part is offered as a 40 hour distant learning webinar which can be easily accomplished from anywhere in the world within a month. Only requirement is internet access and a device to playback youtube. The webinar covers the history and principals of Animal Assisted Therapy and Dolphintherapy, zoological fundamentals about dolphins, marine mammal conservation and ethics of the employment of marine mammals in DAT, contributions from research of dolphins in the wild and findings on DAT, the different DAT- therapy concepts and centers, DAT in comparison to other animal assisted therapies, basics of interdisciplinary teamwork and therapist-parental communication. The 4 week practical course takes place at one of our dolphintherapy facilities such as in Antalya, Turkey. The practical training can be attended either as a 4 week non-stop or in 2 by 2 week pieces.

Career as dolphintherapist

Worldwide more than 20 dolphintherapy centers are frequently hiring therapists especially for seasonal jobs. Professionals are still rare in the field, which increases your jobfinding chances.

Our Institute in Antalya offers participants of the advanced dolphintherapy training course the unique opportunity to work freelance with their own clients at our facility as part of a franchise system. Members of this program are able to represent the brand “Alpha-Therapy” and to use the Dolphinswim marketing tools, such as broshures, website, presentation video, etc. and a shared internal knowledge base.

Target group

  • Psychotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speechtherapists, Kindergarden Teachers, Nurses, Shiatsu- and Craniosacrotherapists
  • Psychologists, Pedagogues, Special Education Teachers, Medical Doctors, Professionals in Social Counseling, etc.
  • Applicants with longterm practical experience in relevant areas of DAT, for example as care-takers of people with special needs
  • Dolphintrainers

Course language: English


  • Theory module: Can be scheduled anytime throughout the year. The module can be accomplished ideally during 1 month, which means that the reflective sessions take place once a week. We try to form study groups and schedule the beginning of the course and the appointments for the reflective sessions in correspondence with the students who study together throughout the course. Students can exchange themselves throughout the course by meeting each other on zoom as they wish.
  • Practical modules: Can be attended anytime following the theory module and according to availability. Student accommodation is included. 
  • Admissions: Theory webinar: EUR 840,-, practical training EUR 1660.-. Payments are to be completed before each module. Students do not have to commit to the whole program in advance, the modules are being booked separately. However the theory webinar is a requirement for the practical module and must be attended first.

Please apply for the course by sending us your CV on email ( After our confirmation you sign up for the course at the online registration form on this website.

Please download the curriculum of the upcoming course for further information: DAT-course 2021

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