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Dolphintherapy to resolve Trauma

Dolphintherapy is known as a successful treatment for various disorders, especially autism. It is far less known, that dolphintherapy can be a very effective treatment to resolve trauma and provide relief from the symptoms of PTSD.

The concept of Alpha-Therapy for PTSD is closely connected to the principles of SE (Somatic Experiencing), a traumaprocessing therapy model invented by Peter Levine. Similar to other moderne Trauma treatments, Levine´ s approach focuses on the founding of resources which are needed to deal with the actual processing of the trauma. The processing takes place as an guided inner dialog between the trauma content and the personal resources. This approach includes also bodywork, because the traumatic memories is not only stored in the psyche, but in the body as well. The dolphin contributes at this point by facilitating this inner play which leads to improved balance and harmonization. As several studies and our practical experience at dolphintherapy indicate, have dolphins the capacity to harmonize and balance the human nervous system sustainably. Dolphins are very playful and social beings. They mirror humans and challenge very individually anyone who´s with them to take a step beyond themselves. Dolphins react very specifically to the emotional status of their human client any given moment and accompany them step by step along their trauma release process. At anxious reactions for example the animal instantly performs very gentle behavior, which helps to release deep fears and anxieties. EEG-measures at dolphin interactions show, that the dominate brainwave frequency of the client usually decreases, which indicates neurological relaxation. How dolphins manage to perform this effect on humans is not fully discovered. The dolphin´s ultrasound might play a role in it, as well as the empathic behavior of these sensitive animals and relaxing effect of water in general.

The standard format of this course of sessions consists of 10 days, every day the client swims 30 min. with our dolphins acompanied by a certified dolphin therapist/instructor. Additionally this program contains supportive sessions in the Alpha-Sphere and conversations with the therapist/instructor.

Rates: April-November: EUR 390.- per day, December-March EUR 330.- per day


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