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Dolphin therapy as a treatment for Eating Disorders

The Alpha therapy program is for anybody who suffers from a psychological eating disorder. The program alone is not a complete course of medical care but should be seen as an intensive measure supplemental to long-term therapy. Alpha therapy can also be an excellent start to the psychotherapeutic treatment of an eating disorder. We are in cooperation with established local therapists, clinics, and hospitals – and are willing to begin new collaborations if needed.
Alpha therapy for eating disorders is a holistic form of therapy. The goal is to achieve lasting constructive change processes. The harmonizing effects of dolphin interaction are implemented therapeutically via established psychological methods – in particular the Alpha state.

Alpha therapy is a synergy of western and eastern therapeutic approaches that function upon the cognitive, psychological, physical, social and energetic levels. It supports the activation of the patient’s own resources and provides an opportunity to transform destructive behavioral patterns into new and constructive ways of life.

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