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Dolphin assisted psychotherapy and psycho-oncology

DOLPHINABILITY © concept by Harald Mori, MSc (Pth.) 

The aim of psychotherapy is to facilitate people who lost their path in life to become again more self-confident, autonomous and decisive. Psycho-oncology pursues this aim as well, however more and with special regard to the needs of people during or after a cancer disease. In both cases the inclusion of the members of the family is native to the treatment. Psychotherapy has always also coaching-factor inherent and sometimes specific levels of life are taken under “supervision”. This happens always well-defined and in the scope of an integral treatment approach which understands the human as a bio-psycho-socio-existential being.

The advantage of dolphin assisted psychotherapy in comparison to the conventional setting is that additionally to conversational therapy, behavioral therapy, gestalttherapy, systemic family therapy and logotherapy and existential analysis (Viktor E. Frankl) this setting provides with the dimension of awakening personal intuition. The work with dolphins in a psychotherapeutical context effectuates the subconscious to achieve attention. Since Sigmund Freud und Milton Erickson it´s known, that the subconscious is always in the service of the healing and health preservative aspect of life. On the conscious level we share the view of the neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor E. Frankl, who states that the condition of the immune-system links directly to the emotional state which is connected to motivation which again depends on the centering of the meaning in life. No conversation can go ultimately as deep as encountering a dolphin, a mystical, powerful and yet so sensitive being. Dolphintherapy can have a very positive and alleviating effect on anxieties, depression and compulsion.* Furthermore it can improve the immune system via its psychoemotional effects.

Self-confidence and feeling of self-worth can be increased by dolphininteraction. Combined with professional psychotherapeutical care in the scope of dolphintherapy the success of the therapy is very promising.** The course of dolphintherapy can be enhanced by a psychotherapeutical preparation and follow-up phase, carried out by Harald Mori in Vienna before and after dolphin psychotherapy, which improves the effect and the sustainability of the treatment.

Loss of life energy, life-crisis, burn-out, crisis of meaning in life, chronical fatigue and other discomfort in conjunction with the immune-system can be dealt well with dolphin psychotherapy. Previous self-damaging life-patterns can be detected, broken through and improved to the better.

In the scope of oncology the immune-system has a particular significance. Therefore the improvement of feeling in life and the orientation towards what´s personally meaningful in life is crucial. Therefore also in dolphin assisted psychotherapy the point is to position oneself existentially well, thus to find one´s inner center, to develop agreement on one´s own existence, to replace feelings of futility with meaningful moments in life. The wholeness of the human being and the suffering person is in the center of the path of dolphin psychotherapy which can affect significant improvement of life quality.

* for participation it is required to provide with medical reports on the given symptoms

** Harald Mori is psychotherapist certified by the Austrian ministry of health (Nr. 3338, practice sinde 1991), dolphintherapist trainer and founder of the DOLPHINABILITY © concept.

Upcoming dates: 26.9.- 01.10.2016

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